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The INADA Dreamwave massage chair is the pinnacle of massage chair technology, with 16 advanced massage programs, in-chair heat, improved air-cell massage and so much more. To this day it remains the world’s most comprehensive and detailed massage chair, and still the best selling Inada chair in North America.

MSRP $11999 CND


  • Massage Programs

    The Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair features 8 new Deep Relaxation programs, bringing the total number of massage programs to 16. This means that you have the perfect massage no matter what your needs are, and you can be sure you have more massage options than any of the competitors. These new deep relaxation sessions, focus on long, smooth strokes, creating a more relaxing massage experience.

  • Longer Massage

    The new Dreamwave also allows for 2 consecutive massage sessions, meaning you can combine any of the 16 programs to create your own perfect massage.

  • Auto Recline

    The chair also now auto-reclines at the session start, placing you in the ideal starting position for the massage. The auto recline allows for a 2-second pause function if needed, and allows you to stop programs mid-way through with the “Interrupted Massage Auto Restore” function.

  • Quicker Starts

    The chair is also now capable of starting a massage without a full-body scan, meaning you can instantly begin a massage, useful if you are severely strapped for time.

  • Added Heat

    Heat is now available in the back and seat of the chair, and each heater is independently adjustable.

  • Increased Maximum Air Pressure

    Increased maximum air pressure in the chair’s massage chambers allows for a more intense massage and insulation has been improved to allow for a quieter chair.

  • Shiatsu Inserts

    Shiatsu inserts provide an acupressure massage to the feet, and are more effective than the rollers used previously.

  • Even more comfort

    Armrests in the Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair feature more advanced and complex movements, while the added bicep padding improves comfort for smaller users




Power Consumption 208W
Electrical Requirements 15A, 120V
Installed Dimensions (Width/Length/Height)
37 (38) x 55 (83) x 48 (30)’’ OR 93 (97) x 139 (210) x 121 (76) cm
Boxed Weight
Approx. 115 kg (253 lbs.) (Chair: Aprrox. 75 kg (165 lbs.), Arm rests: Approx. 22 kg (48 lbs.) [one unit 11 kg (24 lbs.) × 2], Leg rest: Approx. 18 kg (40 lbs.))
Recline Angle
Approx. 120° – 165° from floor level – automatic, continuous motion
Massage Stroke Range
Approx. 28” vertically (in partial rolling, approx. 6”)
Leg Rest Adjustment Range
Rotates up to 90° from floor, leg rest extends up to 10”
Arm Rest Adjustment Range Up to 4”
Kneading Speed
3 levels, from minimum approx. 9 times/minute to maximum approx. 32 times/minute
Tapping Speed
3 levels, from minimum approx. 190 times/minute to maximum approx. 480 times/minute
Roller Width 3 levels (Narrow, Medium, Wide)
Up/Down Speed
One full cycle (top to bottom again) in approx. 30 seconds (approx. 1.64”/second)
Vibration Massage Function
Back: 2 levels (Min: Approx. 1975 times/minute, Max: Approx. 2925 times/minute) Seat: 1 step (Approx. 4170 times/minute)
DreamWave Operation
Seat rocks approx. 1.6” either side of center, approx. 11 times/minute (maximum approx. 25 times/minute)
Air Pressure 60 Hz: Approx. 38kPa
Outer cover temperature: 102°F or less (at the ambient temperature of 77°F), Timer: Approx. 2 hours
Auto Timer
Approx. 15 minutes (Preset Programs vary in duration)
Weight (unboxed)
Approx 115 kg (253lbs) – Chair: 75kg/165lbs, Arm rests: 11kg/24lbs x 2, Leg rest: 18kg/40lbs
Outer Covering
Synthetic Leather (with antibacterial/dirt-resistant finish)
Colours Black, Cream, Espresso
Included Accessories
AC Power Cord, T-shaped Wrench, Buffer Pad (thick), Buffer Pad (thin), Shiatsu Pads for Shoulders (light) (1 each left and right), Shiatsu Pads for Shoulders (strong) (1 each left and right), Shiatsu pads for feet (1 left and right)