Family Inada Massage Chairs

Made in Japan. Enjoyed in Canada.


Our mission is to share with the world the benefit of our years of experience and innovation in acupressure massage chairs.

Nichimu Inada
The Chairman of the Board of Directors

wipo award

Recognized by the WIPO as Japan's leading technology manufacturer of massage chairs, Family Inada received the “Award for Excellent Companies Utilizing the Intellectual Property Rights System

chair models

inada dreamwave
Inada Dreamwave

The pinnacle of massage chair technology, with 16 advanced massage programs, in-chair heat, improved air-cell massage and so much more.

inada robo
Inada Robo

Experience the essence of ultimate comfort with Artificial Intelligence hybrid mechanism technology.

inada calabo
Inada Calabo

"Designer Inada Chair"
Designed to fit any interior by an interior designer.

Why Family Inada

Massage chairs are a cultural health product that Japan takes pride in. Because of this, FAMILY INADA strives to be the world's "only one" manufacturer. FAMILY INADA has always, and exclusively, specialized in providing high-quality, high-performance massage chair therapy.

Family Inada in Canada

We are continuously expanding worldwide. Find out where you can purchase your very own Family Inada massage chair in Canada.

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